My griefs with Skyrim


This is simply a condensed version of something I did a while ago. As my train of thoughts usually doesn´t stop unless I drive it into a wall, I wrote a 13 page document about it. (yeah…) I felt like it would be nicer if it weren´t a fucking 13 page document nobody will bother reading and instead make everything a bit shorter. So here we go.

Quick notes

While Skyrim is an “ok” game, it could be so much more. This makes me sad as I just see a ton of wasted potential in it. In my opinion, if you strech it, I´d give it a solid 7/10. Now while this isn´t that bad of a rating, it´s defenitely contrary to what a lot of other sources say.

How come? Well I´d say everyone looks for something particular in a game, most people found it in Skyrim. But I miss it, and I know others do too. So let´s dive into it.

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Wackytoaster presents: ReSalt

Watch the Trailer –> ReSalt Trailer (Embedding is deactivated 🙁 )
Note: Thanks to mah Bois the Beefy Smash Doods for promotion!

What is this even?

ReSalt is an app for Android, iOS and pretty much any device that has a browser. The idea was inspired by Japanese arcades, where they use NFC chips to track their results and performance within the respective arcade. Essentially, ReSalt is a ranking/ladder tool for offline play, specifically fighting games. (Right now it only has Smash4 and Melee available, but we will add more games once we´ve ironed out all the nasty stuff)

As of right now (09.06.2017) it is still in public beta and active development. (There´s a big update coming that will change the core of the app)

ReSalt is a stupid pun, fuck you!










Where can I get it?



WebVersion (should work on any browser & device)

Current status

Again, we´re still in public beta, but we gather as much feedback as we can to make it as silky smooth as possible. As of right now, some of the core features will change with the next big update.

  • Over 7800 accounts have been created since launch (though a bunch of them are second accounts that some un-fun people created to fight against themselves to gain points.)
  • ~2500 active users per month
  • almost 1500 matches have been played since launch
  • 180+ bugreports received
  • 4.5/5 stars on iOS
  • 4.6/5 on Android

Dev Notes

This section is just for those who are interested in the dev stuff behind ReSalt.

Who made this?

  • Wackytoaster (me) – Programming, Frontend & Backend
  • Risuno – Graphics, Social Media & Promotion
  • Beefy Smash Doods – Promotion

The stuff I learned

Now during the development there were a lot of hurdles, dead-ends and bugs. But I learned so fucking much (and still do I guess) The app was created with Construct 2.

  • Doing mysql things (including preventing injections)
  • PHP and stuff
  • How are passwords securely stored (and also how a password hashes hacked)
  • Create a registration & login
  • Construct 2 shenanigans obviously, always learning new stuff
  • how to use the cordova CLI
  • how to get the app on the Appstore & Google play
  • signing the app
  • iOS and Android quirks
  • Making bugreports as comprehensive as possible (adding lot´s of background data within the report for me, so I know what I´m dealing with)
  • Creating a profile picture upload with image compression
  • Stuff about CORS

The dead-ends I kicked

As mentioned before, there were quite some dead-ends I ended up kicking out simply because they annoyed me for reasons.

  • Login via Facebook – Never again, sorry Suckerberg
  • Login via Google – Maybe again, but rather not
  • Match queue – randomly queuing (queueing?) opponents together based on their geolocation and ELO. I decided to drop it as I was not 100% confident in it working properly (Ajax long-polling just isn´t that great. It did work but… ugh… Note: websockets maybe in the future) and it wasn´t really that important of a feature
  • Chatroom – It worked, but only once, then you have to restart the app to make it work again. Because reasons. Never really figured it out and the broken thing is still in the app (because it kinda works) but it will be dropped with the next update
  • Profile picture upload – This is still in in the current version, but we might drop it or limit it to some degree. The main problem here is iOS simply crashing the app (I´m 100% sure I added all the needed permissions etc. can´t figure out why)
  • GoogleAds – felt it was working rather slow and made some problems

The hurdles I still gotta manage

  • Geolocation – Works for 95% of the users, randomly doesn´t for the other ones. Also some people deny the geolocation access and then complain about it not working, so there´s that
  • All kind of bugs obviously, but so far it works pretty smooth (with exceptions)
  • IAP
  • >>> The new Update <<<

The next update

The next update will change the core feature of ReSalt, aswell as improve probably on all aspects I can think of.

  • Performance – right now the performance is good on new phones, old phones might struggle though. I´m sure I can and will improve this
  • Ladder system – the old version uses a global ladder system from players all around the globe… that doesn´t particularely make sense considering the app is meant for offline play. Instead players will be able to join, create and manage their own communities, and the ranking is based within the community. Now THIS makes sense.
  • PHP – the old version does a lot of unnecessary back and forth communication between the app and server. This will all shift towards putting the workload on the server.
  • Backend – the old version is too hardcoded for my taste. The new version will allow to edit and add certain types of content (e.g. Profile pictures, News, Texts…) server-side, making small changes possible without having to build a new version


Well I leave it there for now, if I find more stuff to add to this post… I will. (or won´t) Either way, ReSalt is something I´m proud of, not to mention it is the first time I published something. It´s awesome. Even if it would have failed miserably, I would still be able to say: I made an app and I learned a shitton creating it. And it didn´t fail miserably, so that´s pretty cool!

Thank you for reading, my imaginary reader!


Just to let you (the inexistent reader) know, I´m alive. I´ve been busy with work and something else quite heavily. I will write a longer update soon, because I´ve been working on something really neat. This gon’ be good!

I made this shitty comic because Blizzard gotta fix the balancing 🙁

Maokai found the spell that will restore the Shadow Isles. A spell that comes at a cost, but Maokai finally found his peace.

This was featured on an episode of /ALL Chat. Awesome!




The project has come to an end so I can now present to you: Starchild

My part was to help out with the modelling of the environment. I did the trees, part of the plants, pillars, these floating (pumpkins?) lanterns and the fox statues.

Long time no update

For all the 0.5 people who actually visit my website: It is time for an update. The project I was helping out a little has come to an end. I cannot yet reveal it but I´ll do that soon. (Hint: It´s a game)

Also I did not completely stop to draw things. Starting off with a clown, why not?

Then some heads…





study statue ..and last but not least, a little gift for Pin. (Character from


Oh boy, I still have a loooong way to go. Gotta keep walking!