My thoughts on Skyrim

This is something different. I started to think about Skyrim and what I would do to improve it. While Skyrim istn´t a bad game, it has the potential to be much more. As my train of thoughts usually doesn´t stop unless I drive it into a wall, I gathered quite some ideas and needed to get them out of my brain, aka write them down.

The result is an ugly formatted 13 page PDF document, that I will actually try to send to the development team. I´ll update this post if I get anything back from them, but I´ll also attach this document for anyone to read and maybe comment on. (Nobody comments on my site because nobody visits my site, lol)

Why the fuck did I bother with this again? Oh yeah, because I wanted to…


UPDATE: I´ve received Feedback from members of the Bethesda-Forums. I´ll update the PDF at some point and make it a little prettier, but time is limited right now.

My thoughts on Skyrim | PDF

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