Construct 3 Plugins


A little helper plugin that makes creating buttons easier. Basically you can call two instance-based functions with a single action, one for animations and one for what the button should do.

UTC-Time (deprecated)

The first plugin I made, was nice in order to get a grip on how things work when making addons for Construct. It basically does what moment.js does but worse, and since moment.js was also created as a plugin it is since deprecated.


The second plugin I made, more getting used to the SDK. It just adds some fancyness to the regular console.logs by allowing to add icons and CSS to them.

Tweeen (deprecated)

Tweeen was absolutely the biggest and most popular addon I made. Back then Construct 3 was pretty new and there was no alternative Plugin for tweening. Though litetween was at some point ported from Construct 2, I personally had some issues with it that I felt like I could improve, so I made this. A while later an official tweening plugin was implemented into Construct and thus Tweeen was deprecated.


A little helper addon that adds some more abilities to groups, like enabling/disabling multiple sub-groups or enabling/disabling based on tags.


Another little helper addon that offers a neat way to store an objects state (or multiple states by tag) like XY position, angle, etc. and load that state back onto the object.