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Desert chicken?

I guess I never posted this one but I made it a while ago. It´s supposed to be a desert chicken, sort of like a camel. They can store big amounts of water in their throat-sacks, using their tail as counterweight. People use them to travel the deserts. Plugs added to the throat-sacks grant access to water.

Also: Throat-sacks

Maokai found the spell that will restore the Shadow Isles. A spell that comes at a cost, but Maokai finally found his peace.

This was featured on an episode of /ALL Chat. Awesome!




Long time no post. Uh well here comes the update.

I finished the first year of the SAE Institute, whee. The final project was really time consuming that´s why there were no updates.

There´s also a video, I´ll embed it here once it´s uploaded.

Concept art from Pascal on Vimeo.

Meanwhile here are the pictures.



Carnivorous Plant-Frog

Carnivourus Plant-Frog

The clown was already posted here.

But wait, there´s more. A WIP at least.