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Watch the Trailer –> ReSalt Trailer (Embedding is deactivated 🙁 )
Note: Thanks to mah Bois the Beefy Smash Doods for promotion!

What is this even?

ReSalt is an app for Android, iOS and pretty much any device that has a browser. The idea was inspired by Japanese arcades, where they use NFC chips to track their results and performance within the respective arcade. Essentially, ReSalt is a ranking/ladder tool for offline play, specifically fighting games. (Right now it only has Smash4 and Melee available, but we will add more games once we´ve ironed out all the nasty stuff)

As of right now (09.06.2017) it is still in public beta and active development. (There´s a big update coming that will change the core of the app)

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