Strategic Supremacy

Strategic Supremacy (former Tactical Approach) is currently beeing reworked with working online mode and optimized for mobile phones. I hope to be able to show something soonish.

Right now there is an early-alpha build available, but it´s not 100% useable right now so… well you can check out the graphics?
And don´t worry about beeing logged in as an admin, that´s normal (and you can´t really do shit with it anyway, it´s just for debugging)

Click here


This is a small something that I made while fooling around with Construct 2. Probably nothing I´ll continue, there´s other stuff that is more important currently. The environment is partly randomized so it looks a little bit different every time. The character is a placeholder and not fully functional. There are no enemies or whatnot, but you can drown, hooray! Oh and check the walls, there might be something hidden.

Update: Well, I did a little update but I couldn´t fix those damn bugs.


W – Jump (Doublejump and swimming)
A,D – Move Left/Right
J – Run
K – Grab ledge

R – Reset

Download the testproject – 63MB

Unpack it and run the “Testproject.exe”. This will start the game and also install about four thousand viruses on your computer. Nah, just kidding, it´s save… really… trust me.


  • Branches only appear after resetting
  • Ledge grab only works after resetting

Orange Squares

Use arrow keys to to walk and jump on the orange squares.

These 20 orange squares are evil and you have to squish them. Sounds easy, but they are quite evasive.

Click here to play (Chrome or Firefox recommendet)

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