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Just to let you (the inexistent reader) know, I´m alive. I´ve been busy with work and something else quite heavily. I will write a longer update soon, because I´ve been working on something really neat. This gon’ be good!

I made this shitty comic because Blizzard gotta fix the balancing 🙁

Long time no update

For all the 0.5 people who actually visit my website: It is time for an update. The project I was helping out a little has come to an end. I cannot yet reveal it but I´ll do that soon. (Hint: It´s a game)

Also I did not completely stop to draw things. Starting off with a clown, why not?

Then some heads…





study statue ..and last but not least, a little gift for Pin. (Character from


Oh boy, I still have a loooong way to go. Gotta keep walking!