Desert chicken?

I guess I never posted this one but I made it a while ago. It´s supposed to be a desert chicken, sort of like a camel. They can store big amounts of water in their throat-sacks, using their tail as counterweight. People use them to travel the deserts. Plugs added to the throat-sacks grant access to water.

Also: Throat-sacks

Status: Still existing

Every year or so I feel the need to update my blog :V That´s how blogs are supposed to work right?

Anyway, and this will disappoint roughly 50% of the people I have played Overwatch and League of Legends with:

I do not have cancer and I´m still alive

So what have I been up to?


Nothing major, nothing interesting. Nothing worth posting at least but I was not inactive, at least not the entire duration since the last time I posted something here. Though recently I´ve been working on some Art for a game (not mine) that I might be able to share soonish maybe.


As always: Toying around with tons of stuff. A bunch of prototypes float around in the Cloud, but I have yet to clean them up and post them here. But that can happen at anytime, soonish perhaps?

Then there is also Tactical Approach, a mobile game I´ve been developing for way too long already. And I´m still not done yet >.<

But there´s an early alpha-build available, if you want to check it out. Click here


Coding? Coding. Actual coding in Javascript. Since I´ve been picking up a bunch of Javascript in my Workplace I also do some Javascript. It really comes in handy!

Not to mention I created 4 Plugins for Construct already –> Check em out

My griefs with Skyrim


This is simply a condensed version of something I did a while ago. As my train of thoughts usually doesn´t stop unless I get it out of my head, well I got it out of my head. So here we go.

Quick notes

While Skyrim is an “ok” game, it could be so much more. This makes me sad as I just see a ton of wasted potential in it. In my opinion, if you strech it, I´d give it a solid 7/10. Now while this isn´t that bad of a rating, it´s defenitely contrary to what a lot of other sources say.

How come? Well I´d say everyone looks for something particular in a game, most people found it in Skyrim. But I miss it, and I know others do too. So let´s dive into it.

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ReSalt has been discontinued due to reasons.

Watch the Trailer –> ReSalt Trailer (Embedding is deactivated 🙁 )
Note: Thanks to mah Bois the Beefy Smash Doods for promotion!

What is this even?

ReSalt is an app for Android, iOS and pretty much any device that has a browser. The idea was inspired by Japanese arcades, where they use NFC chips to track their results and performance within the respective arcade. Essentially, ReSalt is a ranking/ladder tool for offline play, specifically fighting games. (Right now it only has Smash4 and Melee available, but we will add more games once we´ve ironed out all the nasty stuff)

As of right now (09.06.2017) it is still in public beta and active development. (There´s a big update coming that will change the core of the app)

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Just to let you (the inexistent reader) know, I´m alive. I´ve been busy with work and something else quite heavily. I will write a longer update soon, because I´ve been working on something really neat. This gon’ be good!

I made this shitty comic because Blizzard gotta fix the balancing 🙁

Maokai found the spell that will restore the Shadow Isles. A spell that comes at a cost, but Maokai finally found his peace.

This was featured on an episode of /ALL Chat. Awesome!




The project has come to an end so I can now present to you: Starchild

My part was to help out with the modelling of the environment. I did the trees, part of the plants, pillars, these floating (pumpkins?) lanterns and the fox statues.

Long time no update

For all the 0.5 people who actually visit my website: It is time for an update. The project I was helping out a little has come to an end. I cannot yet reveal it but I´ll do that soon. (Hint: It´s a game)

Also I did not completely stop to draw things. Starting off with a clown, why not?

Then some heads…





study statue ..and last but not least, a little gift for Pin. (Character from


Oh boy, I still have a loooong way to go. Gotta keep walking!