As things go, a ton of prototypes and testprojects emerge. So here are some of them.



Named Phycube for no other reason than there not beeing an actual name. A physics-based platformer including fluid simulation. There isn´t much more than a very short level tho.

Controls (Gamepad only – an Xbox controller will do)
A – Jump
Left/Right shoulder buttons – Airial dash
Left Stick – Move

Play here

Strategic Supremacy

A turn-based board game for mobiles in the form of a web-app. I´m a bit unsure where to go with it now but the basics are working fine. It´s on ice until I figure out what to do with it. The main issue is managing to explain someone how it works, regardless of the tutorial :V


Play here


A very simple breakout prototype. Can be played with touch or mouse inputs. There is only two levels, but one could easily expand this as levels are loaded from simple JSON arrays.

Play here

Melon Man

Done for a Gamejam from Gamee. It was quite a different experience to work with a deadline in mind, but not too terrible either. There are certainly a bunch of things I would change now that I look back at it, but overall I like the result. Note that there is no pointcounter, as this was handled by the Gamee SDK (it is counted in the background though, causing the game to get harder and faster the more points you collect)

The only restrictions where that it had to be for mobile devices, was playable with one hand and had to be something where you can gain a score. (iirc)

Play here

Orange Squares (OLD)

A very old prototype (and terribly made, dear lord…) where you have to jump on a bunch of orange squares Mario style. Sounds easy, right? WRONG, these squares are designed to be assholes. Great… now I have the urge to redo this and make them even more asshole.

←/→ – Move left/right
↑ – Jump

Play here