Construct 3 Plugins

Since I started to pick up some Javascript at my Workplace and in general, I started to make some addons for Construct 3. Because I can.

UTC Time

This was my first plugin. While Construct does offer a way to get the unixtime, it does nothing more with it. My plugin adds possibilities like getting the current date as a string and getting a timestamp that is X hours into the future.



This plugin simply adds some extra options for logging into the developer console. Mainly I wanted to colorcode my logs.


Shadow Map

This plugin generates a Shadow Map based on light sources and shadow casters. The plugin isn´t the prettiest as it isn´t entirely self-contained, but I do not intend to make it publicly available, at least not for now.

No download

Group Handler

This plugin adds further capabilities for enabling and disabling Groups in Construct.


tWeeen (deprecated)

Tweening plugin for the construct 3 runtime. Since litetween isn´t really beeing developed anymore and there was a need for it 🙂

The plugin has since been deprecated due to the official 1st party tweening addon beeing released.